The mission of the Church is to serve God through word and witness; to treat all human beings as sisters and brothers; and to foster responsible stewardship.

The Church commits itself to welcoming all persons, celebrating the diversity found in a Congregation broadly inclusive of persons from different backgrounds of characteristics, including race, economic class, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, family status and physical and mental abilities.

Coupeville Community Bible Church exists to assist people to discover and experience God’s unconditional love for them; to lead them to decide to pattern their life after the teaching and doctrines of Jesus Christ; to guide them to develop the uniqueness of who they are in Christ, and to provide opportunities for them to deploy themselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Enabled by God’s grace, we are sowing seeds of God’s love, growing into faithful Christ followers, and going into the world to share God’s love.


God’s love for you is more than you could ever imagine.  Would you allow us to share with you what God’s love means?


By the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is being sown into our hearts and lives.  Following Jesus is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.  You are at a crossroad.  Where will you go?


By the grace of God, we are growing into faithful Christ followers.  The Christian life can’t be stagnant.  Are you taking steps toward growth?


We are all called to serve.  By the call of Christ, we are going into the world to share God’s love.  What’s your project for the Kingdom?